The dark fury of hell, and the tasteless flesh-stripped weightless bones

mocked her.

And for the first time after many days of severe hunger. The elements were

against her.

Then afar, piercing eyes caught something, staggering on the burning sands.

And realizes it’s weak and dying, stricken by thirst and broken by the

vastness of space.

As it advanced, it grew grainy, blurry and fell on the hot sands. And the thud

shook the man-eating dunes, sending echoes beyond the cloudless giant

blue desert sky.

Plunging from great heights she plucked his red sunken eyes out of their


His name did not matter, he was just one of the many humans staggering on

the burning sands of the lonesome Sahara. She gulped his remaining eye

down her wrinkled throat same way she did his friends before him. And her

dead arteries roared again as she ate his eyes. Her pounding heart swelled,

and her feet made a thumping rhyme, as his blood flowed through them.

Her storm-kissed face lightened and her eyes glistened. His blood was no

match for the fury of the desert sun and the elements. Then she hovered and

circled, and took him with her.


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