One, last month, another, this month. That’s how he went around to overcome his fear. But this is the burden of having one. You never set out be caught by it, just like the winds in our sails. Yet, his head is heavy, his eyes are dark, and I can’t always find North.
I’m not afraid of the dark endless seas, horny pirates, or the vengeful Loch ness monster, trying to sink my ship like I’m afraid of what you might do. I have tried to draw inspiration from the things I see in the waters and also trying to get over myself, and my lover. I know I’d lost you somewhere in the tide, and been without you for quite so long.
It hurts my little nymph to miss you every day and every night, the spark and the fire we’ve always felt being together my dear. You took that all away, leaving me with nothing to hold on to. Now, all that’s left is one worn-out soul hallucinating at the Moon, birds and stars. It gets pretty much cold out here, none to holden, and none to talk to either. There isn’t any that expressly understand even if you try to make them. You’re crazy, and don’t get it they smirk.
And this is one hell of a time aboard a ship; you look back painfully and wish you hadn’t started. And sailing wears you away, all you’ve got, and the evil sea drains all the blood in your veins. And you’re left with the pain, smothering all over your dead soul.
Miranda, you’re all I’ve got left in the inside of me. None can come between us, not the sea, not the coral sirens in Spain, and not myself. I need to tell you that there is nothing left of me but shreds and my fearful companion who reminds me of whom I used to be. I want to come back, but I’m far lost and I guess I can’t find my way to you again.
Day after day, I betide with the good ole friends; and trust them completely to help me get back on my feet again. I trust them, as I would you. Ever since that night, I always dream of getting drunk, falling asleep in the bar and waking up in your arms again.
I will pen another letter for you, even if I know you won’t read them, and still angry why I left for Tortuga. You’re supposed to stay the course Miranda, I’ve found gold, need to get drunk one more time, and head home before the tides go down.


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