The dark fury of hell, and the tasteless flesh-stripped weightless bones mocked her. And for the first time after many days of severe hunger. The elements were against her. Then afar, piercing eyes caught something, staggering on the burning sands. And realizes it’s weak and dying, stricken by thirst and broken by the vastness of […]


Then White becomes Black, Then White turned Black and Then Black is what we see… Blurred lines upon Hermon, Love is as strong as Death, White is Pure, Washed and Sanctified. Yet White is White, Whiter than the Sun at noonday… O farmhouse! When ye purposed of White rain in the time of the latter […]

For Carolyn – Raymond Inkabi

For Carolyn, 3/23/2016 22:48 PM I write this. To show my humanity. Humanity’s core. Which is support, solidarity, love, hope, faith. I choose not waver. From these instruments of life and self, collectively, our light! Our light that shines through the darkness – the absence of light. Bringing to bear things hidden to knowledge. I. […]

ICEHA: Reshaping Lives, Restoring Hope

The International Coalition for the Eradication of Hunger and Abuse (ICEHA), a 501(c) (3) charitable organization registered and headquartered in the United States of America is breaking great record levels of humanitarian engagement in Africa, South America and The West Indies. This which in a relatively short time have been able to be achieved through […]

Zinder: Tales From The Desert – Raymond Inkabi

Take-off point in Nigeria was Tashar kuka bus station, in the northern Nigerian city of Kano which serves as a transit border to Damagaram, Zinder town. We suffered a three hour bumpy bus ride on very dusty and almost impenetrable brown strip of sands, our eyes blinded, with reduced visibilty and our nostrils stuffed with […]

AntMan – Raymond Inkabi

Ant had a choice, a new choice now, he had it all the while, but did not want it. Now he loves it. This choice is better, it does not include teaching baby ants how to fill the barns, with grains in the case of famine or drought. It does not mean also Ant has […]